DETEKS Kimya is taking place actively in Turkish industry more than 50 years by missioning to serve his local and global customers with the determined qualifications mentioned in technical bulletins and just-in-time delivery. For this purpose, DETEKS Kimya always invests in right technology and the right staff. The main object of the production unit is to provide customer satisfaction and reliance. For this aim the process, beginning with the acceptation of raw material till the dispatching of chemical product, is managed under the certification of ISO 9001:2000 Quality Assurance System.

    By the beginning of 2009, production unit has been moved to new plant in Tuzla, that’s situated on approximately 9.600 m² with a 4.500 m² closed area. The new plant is equipped with automation based universal production units to produce more qualified performance chemicals for leather, textile, paper, water, construction and (technical) other industries. The installed capacity of new plant with new technologies is exceeding 50.000 Mt/year. By integrating the utilities’ plant with production plant in the same automation system, the minimum levels of emission and energy consumptions have been realized.

    DETEKS Kimya is one of the founder members of Turkish Chemical Manufacturers Association and is so dedicated to principals of Responsible Care. The new plant is designed and engineered with this scope to keep up the environment and the nature, and for a safe, healthy working place of people.

R&D department is figured since the foundation of DETEKS Kimya to serve the demands of market either a new product or a technical problem solution. To serve nature and health friendly chemicals to our customers, R&D staff performs the studies in their modern laboratories.

    For many years, DETEKS Kimya also has been a reliable contract manufacturer of performance chemicals both for domestic and foreign companies and we intend to have a global position in this manner.