Deteks Kimya

Deteks Kimya Sanayi A.Ş.

About Us

Performing production with technologies followed worldwide, Deteks Kimya provides our industry with superior products in the fields of food, dye, ink, construction chemicals, additives in accordance with special specifications; pharmaceutical and cosmetic excipients; mineral oil emulsifying agents; emulsifiers for industrial oils, paper chemicals and water treatment chemicals.

In the root of the foundation of Deteks, before 1960, lies a small partnership commencing activities with the purpose of production, sales and representation of textile auxiliary agents. After involving leather auxiliary agents within its scope of production, this partnership adopted the name of “Deteks”, which consists of the first syllables of the words “Deri” (leather) and “Tekstil” (textile) in Turkish, and took the title of Deteks Kollektif Şirketi in 1963.

This small company carrying out production in its facilities in Kağıthane transformed into Deteks Kimya Sanayi A.Ş. with a new legal and financial status in 1966.

As Deteks Kimya, our three indispensable major principles are reliability, honesty and transparency.

As Deteks Kimya, we do not abstain from looking for the unexpected and stepping beyond our own experience.

As Deteks Kimya, we are aware of our responsibilities and we have committed ourselves to improve every day in order to fulfil them.

As Deteks Kimya, our major guiding light in the pathway to success is the importance that we attach upon experience, expertness and human resource.

“A country cannot last long without producing, and indeed Turkey will give credit to production one day again.”

- Müfit Kanuni

Our Quality Policy

As Deteks Kimya, we put our distinction forward with the humane values as well as high quality production.

We believe that the most profitable work is done with honesty and transparency.

Regardless of the harsh conditions of competition, we pay utmost attention to stay within the boundaries of local and international laws and regulations and the moral rules.

We do not discriminate against races, colours, nationalities and genders.

We care about the individuals, we appreciate the fact that our employees are individuals, and we provide our employees with the opportunity to develop, improve and promote themselves.

We show effort for growing faster than our competitors. Being more flexible than our competitors is more important than being bigger than them. However, we never forget that the most important of all is profitability.

We believe that the customers must be satisfied under any circumstances whatsoever.

We do not criticise the past, we try to understand it. Because the experiences taken from the past are valuable, but we always keep in mind that the future is more important.

We believe that quality is not limited to production but has to hold its standards both for products and services.

We focus our workforce only on the subjects where we have the technology and experience.

We take care of our employees not to fall into situations in which their personal interests conflict with those of the company.

As a guarantee of our freedom, we do not define ourselves as the supporter of any political party.

We encourage teamwork, team spirit and cooperation among our employees.

We care about saving in use of any resources.

We do not stick to stringent management rules and stereotyped methods.

We strive to establish a transparent, comfortable and face-to-face communication among our employees at all levels and to ensure an efficient flow of information.