Human Resources

Our Human Resources Policy

Having been active in the chemical industry for many years, Deteks Kimya continues to increase its capacity, meets the expectations of its customers, values its employees, pays attention to change, is sensitive to the environment, uses the human resource effectively and efficiently, without compromising occupational health and safety rules and quality standards.

Raising awareness of our employees in line with our corporate culture, recruiting and promoting talent, determining the competencies, carrying out performance management and career planning studies are the objectives of “Our Human Resources Policy”.

Our Selection and Placement Policy

Within the competency based selection and placement process configured for ensuring that the candidates are recruited on appropriate positions, the human resources and department managers work cooperatively. The candidates’ conformity to the corporate culture, values and the work in general terms, personal characteristics and competencies are evaluated by the human resources, and professional knowledge and experiences and properties of ability to work in harmony within a team are evaluated by the relevant department manager.

Internship Management

Our company provides internship opportunities to university and high school students in various terms. At the end of the internship period, in line with the assessments about the interns and the requirements of the company, the interns, who are found the most suitable with Deteks corporate culture and competencies and are thought to contribute added value thereto, are brought to professional life by being involved in the “Intern Career Program” containing the fields of improvement such as personal development, information security and professional business life.


The purpose of the “Orientation Program” applied to those who start working in Deteks Kimya, is to get the person acquainted with the company and processes within the shortest possible time. On the first day of work, the employee is provided with a corporate regulations, procedures and employee handbook. After the general debriefing about Deteks is completed with our new recruited employee, the assessment report is shared with the management.

Career Management

The fundamental principle of Deteks Kimya is the evaluation of vacant positions with suitable candidates within the company. In this line, performance assessment results, requests/applications, organisational backup and workforce planning studies are taken into consideration. In career management, the professional and personal developments of successful employees and the objectives of the company are taken into consideration, effective information and leadership management is aimed, and personal and corporate improvement is focused on. Suitable programs that will help the career development of our employees are designed.

Performance Management

On the basis of our human resources policy stands the strategy of provision of continuous development by means of performance management, measurement and awarding. Performance management system is a system in which the employees are focused on carrying their development to the highest level and receive support and consultancy about the respective subject. The development of the employees are planned and their training programs are designed based on the development requirements revealed within this process.

Performance management comprises the stages of target determination, year-end evaluation and development planning. The company targets are determined, and these targets are informed to all employees from the top level to the bottom. The target realisation and competency levels assigned for positions are evaluated at the end of the year through performance evaluation interviews based on the targets determined. The purpose of the performance evaluation interview is to determine the performance status of the employee and identify the fields requiring improvement and determining activities to fill the gap. In addition, the evaluation results have active role on the salary raises and promotions that the employees will be receiving in the next periods.

Training And Development

Deteks Kimya supports its employees with personal trainings on investing to the future based on its continuous development policy. In addition to the training requirements determined in line with career plans, development requirements are planned within the scope of the priority fields required by the job.

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