Paintshop Chemicals & Dust Control Products

Our dust holder adhesive coating product is a dust holding adhesive coating designed to be used on walls, glasses and flash off areas of paintshops and that can be cleaned with water. Suitable for low temperature furnaces.

Our furnace dust holder product is a water based dust holding adhesive coating specially designed for high temperature (+200 OC) furnaces. It can be used without any loss of function for 3 months.

Our peelable coating products are white and transparent coloured peelable coatings that can be applied on paintshop walls, lighting equipment and paintshop glasses, and that ensure the over spray being easily removed. Available in water and solvent based types.

Our resin absorbed (waxed) cloths, TAKrags, are low, medium and high quantities of resin absorbed cloths that rapidly remove the dust of surfaces to be painted without leaving lint and fibre. Available in cotton woven, non-woven and polyester types. In this product group, we are the sole authorised distributor of the world’s leading manufacturer ORAPI APPLIED (Gramos) Company, in Turkey.

Our dust holding mat product is a super dust-holding adhesive mat that can be peeled in layers. Available in two types as plastic and resin absorbed woven and cotton. Especially recommended for paintshop entrances where dust control is required.

Our dust holder curtain product is a resin absorbed woven cotton product designed for protecting the risky areas against dust. Provides easy and practical application.

Our dye corrosive and peeler products are specially designed for water and solvent based paints.

Our dye corrosive products are solvent based dye corrosive products used for removing dyes of various types. Available in two forms as liquid and gel.

Our degreasing chemicals are alkali, acidic and neutral oil removing chemicals used for removing oils from metal surfaces such as iron-steel, aluminium, copper, brass, zamak, etc. Applicable with dipping, spraying and ultrasonic methods.

Our phosphate coating (iron phosphate) products are chemicals that increase the adhesion of dust and wet paint on metal surfaces and provide corrosion protection, and can be used as wiping.

Our passivation chemicals are chemicals that are applied after phosphate coating and various processes applied on metal surfaces, and protect the surfaces against corrosion.

Our stain and deposit removing products are chemicals that are used to dissolve the stains, deposits and scales on metal surfaces.

Our nozzle cleaning chemicals product is a specially designed chemical composition to be used in nozzle cleaning in textile factories where acrylic, nylon, polyester, polypropylene fibre and yarn are produced. Used with hot dipping and ultrasonic washers.