Auxiliary Chemicals Group

This group of chemicals show strong defoaming effect in water based systems even in use of small amounts. The product performance does not get affected from the system’s pH value. It works in anionic and cationic systems; therefore, it can be used in all processes demanding a defoaming function.

This group of chemicals consist of washing agents in modern structure, formulated to actively rectify the stains on wools in especially fur-suede processes. Due to their synergistic structure, they are less affected by intense load of stain and water hardness. They are also effective against tenacious stains such as blood and urine on wool fibre. They effectively clean and bleach wool fibre. They effectively clean and bleach wool fibre. By means of the stabile foam layer they form, they prevent the fibres from felting due to coarse stains subsiding on them, and they reduce the friction between wool fibres. It is effectively used in degreasing processes, especially at the stage of rinsing, in removal of oil smeared in the form of a thin layer from leather.

This group of chemicals ensures that the filling, dye and oils in flotte are properly bonded to the leather at the fixation stage. These chemicals are used in obtaining leathers in dark colours by enabling the fixation of all dyes in flotte on the leather. They are used in all types of leather. They increase the rubbing and washing fastnesses.

This group of chemicals helps softening the water by retaining the ions that cause hardness in the water due to its structure. It prevents the abrasion caused by the ions in the environment at the dyeing stage, and therefore ensures that fatliquoring is carried out completely and homogeneously.