Retannage Chemicals

This group of chemicals consists of auxiliary products recommended for neutralisation of leathers tanned with chromium. They are used in synthetic and vegetable retannage processes as a strong dispergator. They contain organic acidic salts that serve as buffer in a deep penetration and contain a light masking effect.

This group of chemicals has very high light fastness and creates a balanced colour distribution by providing a better penetration. They help penetration of dye. When used in the same bath with chromium, they help homogenous distribution of chromium, and therefore they help obtaining softer and veinless leathers. They prevent scaling and crinkling on leather when used with natural tannins. Properly dyed and soft leathers can be obtained.

These chemicals are acrylic copolymers designed for retannage of leathers that are chromium and vegetable tanned and that do not contain NPEO/APEO derivatives. They penetrate very well into leather and provide full grained, weighted and flexible leathers. They can be used in acidic and neutral environments.

This group of chemicals is used in retannage of all kinds of leathers and before and after neutralisation. When used with vegetable tannins, they prevent possible cracking on grains. When used before or after neutralisation, they prevent swelling and flexible retaining leathers can be obtained. When used before neutralisation, softer leathers can be obtained. They have very high levels of light fastness. They help the tannins and dye be homogeneously distributed across the leather surface. When used in suede leather production, they provide excellent grindability fastness.