Wet-End Chemicals

Our soaking chemicals are anionic wetting agents that dissolve in water in all ratios and have an excellent effect of wetting. They are compatible with other auxiliary materials used in leather industry and the electrolyte balance of the system. They are widely used in all leather processing stages in leathers containing natural fat, in wetting process of furs and wool washing processes.

Our degreasing and emulsifiers are biodegradable and have paraben-free properties. They do not contain NPEO/APEO derivatives. They can be used as washing agents for all types of leathers.

This group of chemicals reduce swelling in liming process, increase the penetration of lime and sulphide, prevents vein wrinkles and treats tannery wastes. They facilitate deliming, dissolving of scalps and removal of epidermis residues. Thus, leathers can be properly dyed.

This group of chemicals enables chromium to be bonded to leather at a higher rate as chromium masking. They are used to increase the efficiency of chromium while increasing the fullness of weak areas of the leather.

This group of chemicals are our products from Buckman Laboratories, which is one of the leading Biosite/Fungicide manufacturers worldwide. Our company is the sole representative of Buckman branded leather products. Our company has REACH and Biocidal registrations.