Paper & Cardboard Chemicals

Special chemicals used in the cleaning of possible slime, adhesive and pitch deposits of the entire system, especially during machine halts.

Special chemicals that help preparation of pulp in waste paper as well as machine brokes, especially to shorten the slushing time and the fibre to open.

Chemicals produced for removing the ink and bleaching the pulp in waste generating paper production. Thanks to our chemicals that can be applied at the pulper, we are achieving a reduction in the number of chemicals used in the deinking process, as well as improvement in the pulp quality. Especially an ISO Whiteness increase of 2-3 points is scored in finished product whiteness, compared to conventional methods.

Our high cationic chemicals that control the load balance, which varies according to the chemicals used in the wet part and the waste paper characteristics, by balancing the anionic dirt.

Includes our chemicals for increasing the thickness without affecting the strength characteristic of the paper especially in writing paper and cardboard production.

Our chemicals used to prevent the pitches formed by the fatty acids and resin acids in the natural structure of cellulose, creating deposits in the system and inside the pipes and tanks. Includes our special chemical program according to the pitch content of the cellulose used and the paper production process.

Includes our chemicals of programs preventing the hydrophilic chemicals such as hot melt and glue, which can be present in the content of the raw material used in waste generating production, at the screen and felt in particular. Our special chemicals help remove the adhesives from mechanical separation units, while keeping the screen and felt clean.

Our chemicals that prevent formation of organic and inorganic deposits in all paper production processes. In particular, we have deposit prevention programs suitable for the system and the raw material used. Includes our special chemicals enabling both wet parts and drying cylinders to remain clean.

Our group of chemicals including our special products that are not starch based and that enables reaching the desired dry strength values at all qualities in paper and cardboard production, whether waste generating or cellulose.

Our special chemicals providing the paper and cardboard with the desired wet strength values in long shelf life and high concentration besides conventional EPA technology.

Includes our special ester, oil, silicone and water based products, which can take all foams that may occur in the paper process under control.

Chemicals that prevent slime and deposit formation by controlling the microbiological load required for the paper machine to work efficiently in the paper process.  Also includes our special products, where bacteria cannot adapt over time, as well as conventional biocides.

Our coagulant and flocculent polymer group chemicals, which ensure the recovery of fibre as well as the reuse of water in the system, with the paper production DAF and Kroftas working efficiently.

Our group of chemicals that includes our special polymers that support machine efficiency by increasing the drainage while keeping retention under control in paper production.