Deteks offers high quality products in textile and leather auxiliaries, dyes, additives suitable for certain specifications, mineral oil emulsifiers, emulsifiers for industrial oils, paper chemicals and industrial glues that are produced with world-class advanced technologies. 

Deteks is also the distributor of global brands such as  and   in order to complete its product range.


At the origin of Deteks as an establishment is a partnership that started its activities in the production, sales and representation of textile auxiliaries dating back to 1960.

This partnership adopted the name “Deteks”, which is formed by the combination of the first syllables of the words “leather” and “textile” in Turkish, as the name of the company, after including leather auxiliary materials within the scope of production, and in 1963 it took the title of Deteks Collective Partnership.

The company, which produces in its own facilities in Tuzla, was transformed into Deteks Chemical Industries Inc. when it gained a new legal and financial status in 1966.


Reliability, honesty, and transparency are amongst our key principles that we refuse to compromise under any circumstances .


We are not afraid to seek the unexpected and to exceed the limits of our own experience.


We are aware of our responsibilities, and we keep on improving ourselves every day in order tomeet them.


Experience, expertise, and the value we place on people are our biggest guidelines on the road to success.

Since 1966...


ISO 45001
ISO 14001
ISO 9001

Our Quality Policy

At Deteks, we drive our difference forward with the human values we adopt as well as quality production.

We believe the most profitable business to be honesty and transparency
No matter how harsh the competition is, we are careful to stay within the laws and moral rules of the Republic of Turkey.
We care about the individual and we always bear in mindthat our employees are individuals first and foremost. We give our employees the opportunity forprogress, training and advancement at all costs.
We strive to grow faster than our competitors. Being flexible with our competitors is more important to us than being greater than them. We never forget that the most important of all is profit.
We believe that our customers should be satisfied no matter what.
We do not criticize the past, we try to understand it. Although the experiences of the past are important, we never forget that the future is what really matters.
We believe that quality in both product and service is not to be controlled, but to be produced.
We direct our workforce only where we have experience and the technology andthe necessary technology.
We make a point to avoid situations where the personal interests of our employees conflict with the interests of the company.
As a guarantee of our freedom, we take care not to be a supporter of any political party.
We encourage teamwork, team spirit and cooperation among our employees.
We pay attention to be economical in the use of all kinds of resources.
We avoid resorting to strict management rules and stereotypical methods.
We strive to establish an open, comfortable, and face-to-face communication between our employees at all levels and to relay information in this way.