We produce chemical raw materials to be shipped all over the world with our 57 years of experience in the industry.

Deteks offers high quality products in textile and leather auxiliaries, dyes, additives suitable for various specifications, mineral oil emulsifiers, emulsifiers for industrial oils, paper chemicals and industrial glues with the help of cutting-edge technology.

9,600 m² of Total Factory Area

We produce for both domestic and foreign chemical industry with our expert staff in our facility established in a 5000 m² outdoor  and 1000 m² indoor storage area within a 9,600 m² factory area in Tuzla in Turkey-Istanbul.

We offer special solutions to our customers with our production capacity exceeding 50 thousand tons per year in our production facility equipped with cutting-edge technologies.

We are ready to help you get stronger with customer-specific solutions

Arif Baltalı
Chemical Engineer 
Sales & Marketing Group Director
Ali Serdar Akın
Leather Engineer
Leather Chemicals Sales & Marketing Manager
Ersin Köğçe
Chemical Engineer 
Textile Chemicals Sales & Marketing Manager
Melda Özcan
Chemical Engineer
Industrial Chemicals Sales & Marketing Manager
Esra Beller
Adhesive Products Sales & Marketing Manager
Nuri Kırıcı
 Sales & Marketing Operations Specialist
Along with our leather, textile, industry and paper chemicals, we offer special solutions for our customers with our extensive product range that we will develop according to your needs!