No matter how challenging the competition conditions are, DETEKS act in accordance with the laws and to stay within the ethical rules; We believe that openness and honesty are the greatest virtues, taking care not to conflict between the individual interests of the employee and the interests of the company.

Due to the guarantee of our freedom, we are careful not to be a supporter of any political environment or political party.

We care about our conflicting individual/s. We expect them to be creatively responsible, reliable, and take care of our company culture. We contribute to their development and give them the chance to rise according to their knowledge and skill levels.

We take care to comply with the conditions of the Quality Management System and to share it constantly.

We respect to human, nature and environmental values; We do not discriminate against race, color, religion, nationality, culture or gender.

We are against strict management rules and stereotypes. We support and contribute to transparent communication, team spirit and participation at every competency level.

We concentrate our strength on technology and areas where we are experienced. We believe that product quality and service it is not to be controlled but to be produced and for customer happiness.

We pay attention to savings in the use of all kinds of resources.

There is no criticism of the past in our business philosophy. We believe that the past is a tool to shape the future and that the future is important.

We strive to grow faster but healthier than our competitors. It is more important that we are more flexible than our competitors. We never forget that the most important thing is added value. We take care that the organizations working with us share all these values with us.