Human Resources Policy

Our main objective is to ensure that our Human Resources can work in the most effective and efficient way, to closely monitor their motivation, material and moral satisfaction, and to produce measures and policies.

For this purpose, our basic Human Resources Policy is;

  • To provide a peaceful, safe and healthy working environment.
  • To direct support services in a problem-solving structure.
  • To meet the needs of new personnel primarily from the existing personnel (our human resources).
  • By identifying training needs; organizing internal and external training programs
  • Selecting and recruiting the most suitable candidate by taking into account not only the needs of today but also the future, and to provide equal opportunities to the candidates.
  • To establish a safe, healthy and peaceful working environment in terms of occupational safety.
  • To create and develop systems that will enable the staff to grow, develop and icrease their success and promotion.
  • Ensuring that all personnel work in duties appropriate to their knowledge and abilities, and developing regulations that increase work efficiency.
  • Ensuring the follow-up of working conditions in accordance with the requirements of the Labor Law No. 4857.

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