As part of the extension of its sustainability goals, Deteks requested an audit and rating by registering on the EcoVadis platform.

EcoVadis Certificate is a holistic Corporate Social Responsibility rating service of companies, delivered through a global cloud-based SaaS platform.

The EcoVadis Certificate and its ratings cover many activities carried out for non-commercial purposes. Worker and Human Rights, Ecology, Ethics, Sustainable Procurement effects can be listed as examples of these issues. Each company is subject to ratings for suitability in their respective fields. Evaluations are organized according to easily readable scorecards. The EcoVadis Certificate helps companies make corrective action plans and improve their sustainability efforts. With EcoVadis, companies can focus on improving their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) performance.

In order to ensure sustainability in the global supply chain, multinational companies are partnering with EcoVadis. Thus, other companies doing business in the same industry adjust themselves to bigger companies. Companies that are in competition with each other in every respect trigger the sectoral improvement in terms of EcoVadis Certificate and ratings.


Today, data about individuals can be easily processed and transferred on different platforms every day with the effect of developing technology. Although the processing of this data sometimes provides convenience and advantages in the conduct of business, sometimes it brings some risks in terms of personal security. Deteks adopts the protection of fundamental rights and freedoms, respect for ethical values, protection of privacy, ensuring and protection of information security as priority principles. In this context, we completed the project of compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation, which we carried out with our legal advisor, in March 2020, and we continue our efforts to raise awareness within the company to this day.



Responsible Care® is a commitment program implemented by the Chemical Industry in the fields of Occupational Health and Safety, Environmental Protection and Technical Security all over the world.

Deteks has signed this pledge in 1993 for human and environmental health and strictly complied with the requirements of the pledge within its entire organization.

Deteks, which is fully committed to the Responsible Care® Pledge,cares greatly abut carrying out its operations with the awareness of its responsibilities. We maintain our operations within all our processes in an environmentally friendly manner to ensure sustainability and efficiency. We are aware that we can only ensure that our planet is a livable place for future generations, by minimizing our impact on the environment and by implementing environmentally friendly processes. We try to be respectful to the environment and nature in every step we take, and we act rationally in the use of resources.

As Deteks, we have created a roadmap for monitoring, reporting and verifying greenhouse gas emissions throughoutthe year of 2021, within the scope of the Regulation on the Monitoring of Greenhouse Gas Emissions; In 2022, we aim to make 14064–Corporate Carbon Footprint calculations and have this calculation verified by an independent institution.

Following this verification, we will start 14067– Product Carbon Footprint calculations as of 2023 and we will prepare for the CBAM protocol within the scope of the European Green Deal. Reducing carbon emissions in accordancewith the results of these calculations is among the primary targets of Deteks.

We measure COD by taking samples from wastewater at regular intervals in our factory. In case of no suitable results, the values are brought to the required range before the wastewater is discharged with the necessary additions and the discharge process is carried out only after this stage.

At Deteks, we are aware of the importance of embracing renewable energy sources in the coming years.


Within the scope of Turkey’s 2023 energy strategy, the share of renewable energy in electricity generation should be increased from 23% to 30%. In this context, Deteks aims to make progress in providing some of its current consumption from renewable energy sources. In the meantime, it continues seeking solutions to increase the efficiency of the electrical energy used in its process.

During the year of 2021, within the scope of energy efficiency policies, various measurements were made by ESCON company through the cooperation and mediation of the Istanbul Chamber of Industry, and it was calculated how the main and auxiliary equipment could be used more effectively and efficiently. The output of the report was shared with the management and the investments to be made in the coming years were planned within the scope of this report.

All measures have been taken to ensure continuous operation under the ongoing pandemic conditions since 2019. We did not encounter a COVID-19 case with serious consequences within our institution during this period. Our employees were encouraged during the vaccination process and all personnel in our institution were vaccinated. The measures were updated in parallel with the recommendations, rules, and guidelines of the relevant ministries.


Deteks reflects its philosophy of sustainability, which it implements in every field, to its environmentalist approach. Deteks works on eco-friendly products to ensure a sustainable environment by following the social needs and innovations in the sector with continuous studies under the R&D department. We act in accordance with the European Union Directives, REACH and national regulations, especially on the use of chemicals. For this purpose, we are researching methods and substances to strengthen ourprecautions forhuman health and environment, both in development studies and in the production phase.

In 2021, we have started a registration process for the products we manufacture, within the scope of the Regulation on Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals.We expect the final registration of these products to be completed in 2022.

With our emulsifier project that will allow the reuse of waste oils in processes within the scope of the KOSGEB Techno investment project, which was started in 2021 based on the TÜBİTAK certificate of success obtained in previous years, we have once again demonstrated how determined we are to maintain our renewable and environmentalist approach. We fully believe that if approved, our project will add value to our country and that it will be an environmentally friendly project that reduces carbon emissions and adds value to sustainability within the scope of the European Green Agreement.

We continue to fulfill the requirements of the Environmental Management System and Occupational Health and Safety Management System in our company from the first day on. We also encourage our employees to take part in practices voluntarily and consciously. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, which we have been struggling with together with the whole world since 2020, we prioritize the protection of health of all our employees during the time they spend at work, and we continue to take all kinds of measures in this context.

Our occupational safety and health service consultancy is provided by the OSBG company. We hold a board meeting with our occupational safety specialists once a week. In addition, our factory is visited by our occupational physician once a month. Along with the annual routine employee health screenings, occupational safety internal audits are also carried out.


We have been disposingour waste throughout the year of 2021 by working with licensed recycling companies. With the General Environmental Training held with the participation of all our employees, our personnel were informed about waste management and their knowledge was reinforced through drills against chemical spills.

With the Certificate of Conformity we obtained as a result of the audit carried out in our company by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization in 2021, our Industrial Waste Management plan and Temporary Storage ofHazardous Waste permit were approved and entered into force.