Deteks has been an activeplayer in the chemical industry for a long time. It is of great importance for us to continuously increase our capacity, meet the expectations of our customers, and use human resources effectively and efficiently, as a company that values its employees, cares about change, is environmentally conscious, does not compromise on occupational health and safety rules and quality standards.

The main objective of our human resources policy is to raise awareness with our employees in accordance with our corporate culture, to recruit and promote the right people, to identify competencies, to carry out performance management and career planning studies.


Human resources and department managers work together in the competency-based selection and placement process, which is structured to ensure that candidates are placed in the right position. Human resources evaluate the candidates’ suitability for the corporate culture, values and job in general, their personality traits and competencies, while their professional knowledge and experience and their ability to work in harmony with the team are evaluated by the relevant department manager.


We provide internship opportunities to university and high school students in different periods. At the end of the internship period, in line with the evaluations about the interns, considering the needs of the institution, the interns who are found to be most suitable for Deteks corporate culture and competencies and who are thought to provide added value are included in the intern career program, which includes development areas such as personal development, information security, and professional business life.


Through the orientation program for those who start working at Deteks, it is aimed that the new teammate gets to know the institution and gets used to the institution and the job as soon as possible. An employee handbook containing corporate regulations and procedures is given to the employee on the first working day, and the evaluation report is shared with the management after the new employee is briefed about Deteks.


The basic principle of Deteks consists of filling vacancies with suitable candidates from within the institution. Performance evaluation results, requests/applications, organizational backup and workforce planning studies are taken into account when finalizing decisions. In career management, we aim at effective knowledge and leadership management that will take into account the professional and personal development of successful employees, as well as the goals and needs of the institution, while also focusing on personal and corporate development. We develop programs to assist our employees’ career development.


The basis of our human resources policy is the strategy of providing continuous improvement through performance management, measurement and rewarding systems. The performance management system offers a strategy where employees focus on maximizing their development and receive support and consultancy on the regular. We plan development of our employees based on the development needs emerging in this process and design training programs accordingly.

Performance management consists of target setting, year-end evaluation and development planning stages. After identifying the goals of the company, we share them with everyone in our teamsfrom the top down. At the end of the year, we evaluate the realization rates of the targets and the competency levels given for the positions through the meetings held on the targets set at the end of the year. Another purpose of these performance evaluation meetings is to determine the performance status of the employee and what needs to be done about the areas that need improvement. At the same time, the results of the evaluation play an active role in the wage increase and promotions that the employees will receive in the next period.


Deteks supports its employees with personal trainings in investing in the future with its continuous development policy. In addition to the training needs that arise in line with career plans, we also identify development needs within the scope of priority areas required by the job and fulfill them on a regular basis.

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